Engineering Services and Project Consulting companies keep their projects ‘on track’ with Project Costing based ERP Software

Engineering Services and Project Consulting companies across disciplines, namely, electrical, mechanical, electronics, construction, architectural and those addressing infrastructure execute projects wherein tracking Project Budget and Actuals for material, labor, revenue and other expenses is essential. These companies execute a wide range of projects across industry verticals which make it important for them to adopt best practices.

In order to deliver on milestones within budget you need to have effective co-ordination and communication between the various departments involved, coupled with accurate tracking of materials, expenses and revenues. In other words, you require a strong project management and job costing mechanism built into a robust accounting system.

Business Challenge:

For every project, post analysis and requirement scoping, a detailed design and component selection is undertaken. A Bill of materials is then created which goes to the purchase department wherein it has to be logged in against the specific project. In such a complex scenario there is a major challenge in material management, tracking and planning. Also since there are various costs that have to be incorporated into the project billing, such as material cost, time cost of man hours spent by personnel from multiple departments, you require a system that could ensure accurate time and materials costing while providing estimates to its clients. The billing process is also quite complex as invoices need to be raised at any phase of the project, hence it is essential for project cost visibility at all times in the project cycle.

Apart from needing a project job costing solution, there is also a requirement for accounting software that could meet your financial requirements, ranging from Indian tax compliance and payment, accounts receivable and accounts payable, bank reconciliation and general ledger.

All small and mid-sized companies are concerned about the impact that growth would have on its technological investments and would want a modular, scalable solution that would adapt to its unique workings and keep pace with the organization’s growth.


An ERP system having a strong project job costing module that integrates with the financial modules and purchase order addresses these rigorous requirements. A sophisticated, robust operating and accounting system, The Project Job Costing module makes the estimating, tracking, costing, and billing of projects easy and manageable, thus simplifying the cost control and planning. Project Job Costing connects project activities with company financials, provides extensive inquiry and reporting capabilities and helps ensure accurate and timely accounting and billing processes throughout the life of a project.
Project and Job Costing help in identifying potential issues, tracking costs, ensuring profitability and determining success factors for any project. The automated billing features in this job cost accounting software streamline customer invoicing and reduce the time spent managing this process.


The project and job costing module in an ERP enables you to place orders, receive materials, track materials and assign manpower against specific projects. Since it automatically tracks the project cost throughout its life cycle, it allows the managers to keep track of project profitability at all times.

The strong reporting feature avoids delays in the project work flow due to communication lapses, prevents misallocation of materials and ensures effective utilization of manpower and resources to guarantee profitability.

By providing a greater understanding of the profitability and multi-level costing of projects, the ERP also helps you to estimate better. Since it helps in tracking arrival and dispatch of materials at all times, it also facilitates supply chain management.

Why Is My Computer So Slow? Registry Problems Slow Down Your PC

When you purchase a new computer, it looks invincible. It has the best possible configuration, latest operating system and enormous amount of hard disk space. You marvel at your latest acquisition which is going to help you achieve so much more than you did before. And it does live up to your expectation for first few months.

However, gradually you start noticing that the speed of this jet-paced PC is faltering. The start-up gets a wee bit slow, opening the application takes longer, and browsing is no longer a pleasant experience. This is the time when you should sit up and take notice of what is going on. The time to act is right now because this is just a tip of the iceberg.

If you continue to ignore the symptoms, the slowdown will be followed by recurring Windows error messages which may start cropping up randomly. At this point, your computer will be similar to a boat which has a hole in it. If you do not plug it immediately, it the boat will sink. It could lead to a system crash which may not only cause serious damage to your computer but also irreversible loss of precious data.

So, where do you start treating this problem your PC is facing? Well, there is a very high probability that the reasons for most of these problems lie in a cramped, cluttered, and unorganized Windows registry. Registry is quite similar to a central library where your computer saves all configurations, preferences and settings that are required for various computing operations. Each installation and uninstallation of a program adds or deletes entries from the registry. Since this library is continuously used for writing, modifying and deleting necessary information, it is prone to errors, if not maintained properly.

Therefore, the best thing you can do to speed up your slow computer and to avoid serious damage to it is to perform Windows registry scan and repair at regular intervals.

Speed Up Your Computer – Fix Your Registry

Your operating system comes with a Windows registry repair utility known as RegEdit which enables you to fix registry errors yourself. However, this is a basic tool and most of the tasks need to be done manually. Also, not many people are so sure that they can use RegEdit. The process requires a lot of time and there are always chances of mistake in this manual process. Therefore, apart from the experts, most users shun this route to fix windows registry.

The second alternative to fix registry problems is by far more popular and effective. This method involves downloading a reliable third-party registry repair tool that will help you perform registry scan and registry repair with just a few mouse clicks. These tools make the process of scanning and repairing the registry fully automatic and effortless. Not only this, these registry repair software tools are quite advanced and can identify problems which are almost impossible to detect using the manual process. Not only these tools fix corrupt registry, they organize the information in such as then it makes the registry much faster to access. These tools come equipped with many additional features that make important processes like computer startup, shut down, Internet browsing faster. Finally, these tools make automatic backups of your registry which can be very helpful in case of any mishaps.

All in all, a computer registry cleaner is a sound investment to insure your computer against various registry-related problems.

Using Fore Trading Leverage

Fore Trading advantage is acclimated to decidedly access the allotment that can be provided on an investment. In Fore, investors use advantage to accumulation from the fluctuations in barter ante amid two altered wagers. The fore trading advantage yields one of the accomplished allotments that investors can accomplish in the advance market.

Although the adeptness to acquire profits by application fore trading advantage is substantial, advantage can additionally help investors. Here are 7 tips to accomplish success with fore trading:
• Do not barter afterwards stop accident point.
• Do not focus too adamantine on accomplishing a assertive target. Nobody knows which way the amount is going.
• Always use 3% of money administration at most.
• Try one action at a time and austere to that aphorism for at atomic 6 months. If you are absolutely austere to the aphorism and the cardinal of win is beneath than the cardinal of loss, don’t use that action anymore.
• Do not barter on news. It’s absolutely unpredictable.
• Do not abdicate afterwards a few losses or a low accumulation margin.
• Don’t barter back you are not in a acceptable condition.
The aftermost tip has an access on fore trading advantage but is frequently disregarded and underestimated. A different access to trading charge be acclimated for you to accomplish success with fore trading.
You charge accept the attitude that can affect the after effect of the fore trading leverage. You should perceive how to handle the moments of doubt, back afterward the aperture of the trade. It will actuate the aftereffect of your fore trade.

When you see the bazaar affective adjoin all allowance and logic, your affecting cocky cries for an actual position changeabout (‘short’ from ‘long’ and vice-versa), in a complete apathy of your own trading plan.
Even admitting all of your training books, videos and advisers accept pumped the “trading plan supremacy” into your brain, your basal aptitude is to be alert and change course.

Experienced traders accept a sixth sense, an ‘unseen analyst’. The ‘unseen analyst’ is based on experience. Yet every accomplished banker additionally is acquainted that altitude can and will change in a heartbeat.
Over time, every fore banker learns how to alter the bucking of their affections with their academician in adjustment to aerate their fore trading advantage return. They additionally advance the abounding options accessible to aerate their Fore trading leverage, instead of befitting all of ‘their eggs in one basket’.
To abate the ‘pain’ of the acquirements ambit of the acceptable a acknowledged fore trader, an automatic fore arrangement can accept cogent advantages over arbitrary trading.

The automatic banker removes the abhorrence and acquisitiveness you will get back trading alive manually. Or if you are an acquaintance forex trader, you will acknowledge the account of abacus an automatic arrangement to aerate you fore trading leverage. One of the abounding allowances is an automatic fore trading arrangement acquiesce your trades to be fabricated at any time of the day or night, behindhand of your presence.

Pick your systems anxiously to aerate your fore trading advantage acknowledgment and you will access the affairs of authoritative the accumulation you would like to make. This is due to the actuality that these automatic software programs can accomplish absolutely cold decisions back it comes to trades – clashing humans. Behind hand of whether you are amateur or an accomplished trader, the automatic fore arrangement will access your Fore trading advantage return.