Word to PDF Converter

Most easiest and quickest way to convert word documents to PDF is by using the windows based application Word to PDF Converter It is compatible with all versions of windows XP like windows 2000, Windows server 2003, Windows Xp, Windows X-64 and can create PDF’s on a fly. Word to PDF Converter is easy to install on OS and takes minimal space of your hard disk and memory. Word to PDF Converter integrates PDF Creator printer driver with windows printer diver and installs it during the installation of Word to PDF Converter.
Word to PDF Converter is a very simple windows application with lots of extended features to meet all the needs of the user. Specially designed with advanced tool to make it very user friendly and easy to work with. It not only converts word doc file but all kind of MS documents and other document files like AutoCAD etc.

Why Word to PDF Converter ?
There is lots of Word to PDF Converter to covert word files to PDF but why should one opt for Word to PDF Converter ? Due to salient and high quality features Word to PDF Converter is ahead of other such tools.
The simple usability and user friendly interface makes it easier for anybody, even a non tech savvy person to handle it easily. It is very cheap and comes at a price which is 3-4 times lesser than other tools of its kind. The salient feature it has is lacking in other tools thus making it worth each and every penny. High Quality output with no loss in data. It attaches Digital Signature to give your document high level security and restricts unauthorized access and modification. If done so then the Digital Signature becomes invalid and the PDF will be inaccessible. Lat but not the least Word to PDF Converter has the extreme fast conversion rate.
How does Word to PDF Converter Works ?
The foremost step which is required to work with Word to PDF Converter is to have it installed in your OS. Word to PDF Converter will guide step-by-step to convert word document to PDF.
1. Open Word to PDF Converter from your desktop shortcut icon or from program files.
2. Select files which are to be converted to PDF. There are several options like single file, multiple files or folder (containing MS word files). Click the radio button next to the desired option and click next to go to the next step.
3. Now Word to PDF Converter will display a window where there is a list of files which are selected by checkbox and their source path. You will be able to see several buttons , which are as below:-
I. Add files button:- It allows you to add more files and to add them to conversion queue.
II. Add folder button :- It allows you to add folder (containing MS word files) and to add them to conversion queue.
III. Move Up button :- It allows you to move up any file in the conversion queue which you want to convert earlier than other files in the queue.
IV. Move Down button :- It allows you to move down any file in the conversion queue which you want to convert later than other files in the queue.
V. Remove button:- It allows you to remove any file from the conversion queue which you don’t wish to convert.
VI. Watermark button:- It allows you to copyright your document with custom watermark, aligned at any angle and size.
4. Click the checkbox View PDF after conversion, if you wish to view your converted file. Choose your desired output directory, by default it is My Documents. Now click convert to convert your word files to PDF.
[[SCREEN SHOT]] – Same as option 3
5. A pop up message will give you confirmation about the successful conversion of your files.

Tips When You Strive to Buy Graphics Software

If you are regularly doing imaging and image-editing tasks in your computer, there is no doubt you are in need of an appropriate and functional graphics software program. That is why, you should aim to find and buy graphics software that would surely be of great use for you. However, you would certainly realize that the procurement activity is not an easy one. Just like, when buying any other products, you need to make sure your purchase transaction would be effective, appropriate and truly practical.

People who aim to buy graphics software are always striving to find the best and the most practical in the market. That is just natural and highly logical. Consumers, as always, want to make sure they would be able to pick and buy the best and most reliable products available in the market. If you want to buy graphics software, you should take into consideration the following recommendations and suggestions regarding the activity. You would realize that you would be able to easily find and buy graphics software according to your needs and according to reliability if you would only know how.

• Before you buy graphics software, be sure to look at the following considerations: How much will the program cost? What skills are usually required by the users of the software, so that the usability and functionality of the program would be ensured? What types of images and projects are to be used with the program? If you would ponder on such questions, for sure you would be naturally and instinctively guided on your effort to buy graphics software.

• Is the computer hardware and memory capacity fast and spacious enough to accommodate the installation of the computer program? Before you buy graphics software, be sure to check if your computer system would be able to accommodate any more installation of software. Your systems may also be outdated to facilitate the installation and running of any graphics software.

• The operating system installed in your computer must be compatible with the graphics program you would buy. Also buy antivirus software to get more security for your computer. Find time to identify the different types of graphics that you may need. There are of course, numerous types of graphics and programs available in the market. Such products are developed and marketed by different graphics software companies. If you want to buy graphics software that would be functional and useful to you, check if the operating system of your computer is compatible with the specifications of the program.

Before you finally buy graphics software of your choice, be sure to make ample research about the product. You can easily visit and check out the features and offerings of your choice of graphics software long before you finally make the transaction. Doing so is considered ideal and is truly helpful in making sure your purchase would be reliable and practical. You might want certain features and specifications present in other software other than your initial target and choice.

• Make a shortlist of the possible software you could buy like financial business software. Before you buy graphics software, it is also ideal if you would list all the potential products and brands you can choose from. After looking at the features and specifications, narrow your list. Before you buy graphics software, be sure your narrowed checklist would have at least three choices. This time, you would have better view of the pros and cons of each of the programs.

The next time you buy graphics software for your PC, be sure to wisely choose and purchase the best product there is in the market. It would be easy if you know how.

Common Linux Security Mistakes – Access Control

Working as a freelance Linux consultant, I see a lot of my clients struggle with the problem of access control on a Linux server. Access control restrictions are the basic routine of assigning limited user accounts to consultants or employees on your Linux server. It may seem like access control isn’t a big problem for most people (a common argument that I hear is that my clients trust their consultants or employees), but access control restrictions exist for purposes other than keeping people honest.Access control restrictions on a Linux server are necessary to prevent intentional or accidental damage to your server (every system administrator can tell a story of how six command ran unexpectedly). In addition, access control restrictions help to protect sensitive information (passwords of others, credit card information, etc) from being accidentally or maliciously used. An example of how anyone can accidentally misuse sensitive information is in the case of backups. If a coder is working on your server, and creates a backup of the database for your WordPress database, we or we might decide to make a backup of the entire database server. In doing so, the coder might transfer that backup to an insecure offsite location (which then is compromised if the data is copied over an insecure file transfer method), or the coder might copy the database backup to a location that all users and applications can access (such as /tmp). This would result in the potential for an outside attacker to now have all of your databases (which might contain information such as credit card numbers).Another valid example of how access control restrictions are necessary is the example of a application malfunction destroying data. If a application application runs at a higher privilege level than necessary (be it at the file system or database level), this increases the odds of a application malfunction causing problems with your server. Let’s face it- no six wants a malfunctioning PHP script to drop or corrupt all of the databases on your server. Whereas all information should be backed up regularly anyways, it is an unnecessary risk.two time you have determined a need for controlling access to a Linux server, there’s plenty of different ways to accomplish this:

* Use sudo for privilege escalation, and assign every coder or consultant their own user accounts. Disable root login by SSH, and add all consultants or coders to the same user group. finally, change the permissions on the net document root directory to permit all members of the group write access.

* Log all connections by SSH and FTP, to ensure that outside consultants or employees are not logging onto the server when we’re not supposed to be working on a project.

* For temporary accounts or consultant accounts (that are not needed unless assistance is requested), be sure to disable the accounts six time access is no longer required.

* For a database server, generate new user accounts for each separate database. This will reduce the damage that an application or malicious user can do to your database server, if a single database application is compromised.two time you have determined the need for access control restrictions, and have implemented them on your server, you can rest well at night knowing that your server will be safe and sound. Without access control restrictions actively enforced, your Linux server may not be so safe and sound.

* For all user accounts, need a password that isn’t found in any dictionary, and enforce a password length of at least three characters.